Call Of Duty 3 Maps On Xbox Live

Xbox LiveActivision is releasing two new waves of Call of Duty 3 multiplayer maps after the holidays via Xbox Live.

The Bonus Map is a free download, but the Valor Map Pack will set gamers back 800 Microsoft points, which doesn’t sound like a bad deal for what CoD fans will get.

Per the Activision media release, “The Bonus Map, named “Champs,” will take players to Port Royal de Champs, France for classic Call of Duty infantry-based combat that’s great for small to medium-sized online games. The Valor Map Pack will contain five new multiplayer maps that will take players through a maze of French locales that serve up settings primed for intense close-quarters action, whether via online, split-screen or System Link play.”

Sounds like a pretty nice post-holiday present for CoD players and a great way to keep an action-packed game fresh and interesting.

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