Does Valve Really Care About Its Customers ?

After hearing before the release of Half Life 2 that 1] There would be no multi-player aspect and 2] You would require an internet connection, i was very much dissapointed. I thought however that Valve ((after having more than enough time to test Steam)) would be able to carry off this authentication with as little annoyance as possible, i really believed this however, after hearing from most of the people i know who have purchased the game, about 40 % of them do not have an internet connection and were forced to lug their pcs to a friends’ house in a vain attempt to play the game they have been waiting all these years for, only to find that the authentication either would not work or it took them 12 or so hours to complete it while running up an internet bill in the process. I still know many people who bought the game on the day it was released and still have not played it!

As far as i can see, Valve must have been fully aware this would happen and chose to ignore it or treat it as another step in the never-ending Steam beta testing, completely disregarding the people who buy their games and the people who put them were they are, the people who made them a success! This absolute negligence of customer care and satisfaction is quite simply appalling in my opinion. I have been fortunate enough to play what i consider to be the best game ever made, only because i have broadband and a good pc. I really feel for all the people left behind in Valve’s so called “Anti-Piracy” world. Despite people voicing their concerns, Valve have opted to ignore the pleas of it’s loyal customers and simply moved on with business as usual. Whatever bit of respect i had for the company is leaping out many windows at an alarming rate and i don’t believe i am alone.

I would like to know what other peoples’ feelings are on the matter. Have you bought Half Life 2 and still not played it, please let us know of your experience…

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