GTA Hot Coffee Also Confirmed On PS2

GTA: San AndreasRockstar Games’ claim that the sex mini-game discovered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was not created by them has been undermined by an independent test of the Playstation 2 version of the game, which cannot have unofficial content added to it.

In a statement released during the week, the company blamed the content on the hackers who created the mod for the PC version, who they said would need to “alter” the game’s source code to display the scenes.

Gamespot decided to run a test on the PS2 version of the game, which comes on an un-moddable DVD that cannot be altered in the way the company describe:

GameSpot decided to test the cheat codes circulating around the Web on a sealed, first-edition copy of San Andreas. After acquiring the “Uncensored Hot Coffee” codes from the respected tech-blog Kotaku, we entered them into an easily obtainable Action Replay Max cheat device. After entering the “Enable all Girlfriends” cheat, we began the game and then gave CJ maximum sex appeal, via a cheat from GameFAQs that requires no external code.

After saving, our test editor had Carl visit the house of his nearest girlfriend, Denise in Los Santos. Carl then took Denise on a series of dates to the nearest bar. After a few complications–including being busted for two-timing by another of CJ’s girlfriends–we completed a fourth date with Denise, after which she invited us into her house for “coffee.”

The next screen proved that the PlayStation 2 edition of the game does indeed include a sexually graphic minigame, which plays almost exactly the same as the Hot Coffee mod. It begins inside a bedroom with Denise, wearing only a pink thong and a cutoff T-shirt bearing the Rockstar logo, performing simulated fellatio on CJ, who is fully clothed in jeans and a “wife beater”-style tank top.

After a few seconds, the minigame proceeds to semi-explicit simulated copulation. Although players can change the camera angle with the circle button, as well as cycle though three sexual positions with the square button, no genitalia are ever seen. To win, players must maintain a steady rhythm with the left analog stick to build up an “excitement meter” in the right-hand screen. Fill the meter and Denise becomes very excited, telling CJ he is “the man” before the game congratulates you with the words “Nice guys finish last!” Let the meter drop to empty and the game admonishes you with “Failure to satisfy a woman is a CRIME!”

Confirmed: Sex minigame in PS2 San Andreas

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