Man Pays $800 for Empty Xbox 360 Box on eBay

Xbox 360 BoxFollowing our post yesterday about a woman who was swindled out of over $600 for a worthless photo of an Xbox 360, a man with a similar story contacted us through our tips form.

Back in November, an auction called “Xbox 360 Prem Retail Box” was placed up on eBay; included in very fine print at the end of the page was the disclaimer that “no xbox36o is included within the package”, though the seller would throw in a free PS1.

The man who contacted us won the auction in the belief that he would soon have himself a brand new Premium Xbox 360, and the bidding was closed at $675. Further stop payments that weren’t stopped pushed his total cost up to $826.
After he realised he’d just forked out over $800 for an empty box and a PS1 worth about $70 on Amazon, the bidder contacted eBay and Paypal in order to set things right, but in the end he never even received the empty box:

And I never even got the box on top of it, I got nothing and since november 18th ebay, paypal the seller and the bank have done nothing to make things right. The seller was from canada, if he was in the US i’d drive to his house and hospitatalize him, since thats the part of the law they dont let go anymore , and is why there is so much crime. People need a really good ass whooping.

Xbox 360 Prem Retail Box Ships as soon as auction ends

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