Sony Slams The Wii

Nintendo WiiIn a move that’s more than expected in this next-gen battle, Sony is belittling Nintendo’s success with the Wii, calling the console nothing more than an “impulse buy.”

For its part, Nitnendo execs are able to point out they are selling twice as many consoles as Sony’s PlayStation 3, according to a report from New Zealand’s TV 3.

Still, Sony fires back that its console is so much more powerful than the Wii, it shouldn’t be seen as being in the same league.

While it’s true that Sony’s PS3 is incredibly powerful and has some pretty spectacular graphics, dismissing the Wii with bitter words isn’t going to help Sony win this race. The fact is the Wii is affordable and it’s darn fun to play. Granted, some of the games look simply awful, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping buyers from having fun.

And, when you get right down to it, isn’t having fun what video games are all about? Eye candy can only go so far. It seems Nintendo figured this out and Sony’s eating sour grapes.

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