Wii, Spore Win Big Honors At E3

Nintendo Wii
The name might be funny, but there’s no doubt Wii looks pretty neat and it seems the critics agree. The next-gen console won the Best of Show honors at this year’s E3. Last year’s winner, Will Wright’s Spore, wasn’t left out either. This year, the Spore team took home three “best of” honors.

In the Game Critics Awards, Wii garnered not only the Best of Show award, but also the Best Hardware Award. Games planned for the console also were honored: Wii Sports, best in the sports category, and Excite Truck, best racing game.

From Nintendo’s media release:

It’s extremely gratifying to hear independent confirmation that our
approach resonates so dramatically with the people who know video games
best,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “These multiple awards demonstrate which company has momentum and which products will be in the highest demand this holiday season.”

Wii is due out sometime in the fourth quarter this year. Speculation has it tagged at Nov. 6 with a price that will fall in under $250.

Meanwhile, last year’s big winner, Spore, didn’t go unrecognized this year either. Spore took home Best Original Game, Best PC Game and Best Simulation game. Last year, it won Best of Show, Best Original Game and Best PC Game.

From Canoe:

With Spore, storied game designer Will Wright (Sims) is taking “god” games to the Nth power, creating an original game that we expect will devour many hours peeling back its many layers,” wrote Mike Snider of USA Today in announcing the award for best original game.

Information on Spore’s release is still sketchy, but it looks like it might be drawing closer. With hype that’s reached almost a legendary level, this one should have phenomenal sales when it does hit the market. Celebrities are even lining up to oh and ah over the title.

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