Xbox 360 and PS3 dominates mindshare?

According to GamerMetrics, a stat tracking site, the Xbox 360 and PS3 had 60% of the mindshare at E3 this year. Sony’s next-gen console took 34% leaving Microsoft’s Xbox 360 with 26%, trailing close behind Bill’s Xbox was Nintendo’s Gamecube with 17% and 10% of the mindshare for PS2. Coming in last, the PC with just 5% of E3′s mindshare.

Despite coming out of the gate after the significant excitement about the Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation3 surprised some by garnering the lion’s share of interest in the console war. IGN Entertainment’s GamerMetrics, a leading videogame business intelligence tool analyzing awareness, engagement, and purchase intent of more than 20 million gamers, showed that the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 were the buzz of the show, enjoying a more than 60% mindshare among the network’s 2.1 million daily unique visitors.

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