Xbox 360 Strategy Goes For The Wallet

XBox 360
Knowing that its already lower pricing and cheaper games aren’t enough to crack the nut that’s Japan, Microsoft has announced a new version of its Xbox 360 console for customers there that’s much cheaper that what Sony will eventually roll out.

The scaled back 360 version is expected to hit Japanese stores Nov. 2, which gives it a bit of a jump on the PlaySation 3 release here.

Whether or not the move will help it push more consoles in Japan remains to be seen. This country is just not Xbox 360 friendly.

The cheaper core system will retail for about 29,800 yen, which equates to roughly $256 USD. This version will not have the hard-disk drive, a heat set and some other accessories. There will be a few perks, however, including some free games titles to entice buyers.

The move puts the console at half the price of Sony’s pricier PS3, which is looking forward to a rather bumpy launch itself.

While this might help Microsoft unload a few more 360s in Japan, it seems to me this would be an even smarter move in Europe where gamers might be a little irked by Sony right now.

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