Xbox Live Video Downloads Looking Good

Xbox LiveAs Sony slowly lets the cat out of the bag about a potential movie and television download service for the PlayStation 3, things over on Xbox Live Marketplace are starting to really shape up.

The Microsoft site’s entry into the television and movie arena has really come a long way since launch, offering a fair amount of titles in both the television and the movie arenas.

The Top 10 list for Movies has some pretty good flicks listed, including “Crank,” “Superman Returns” and “See No Evil.”

On the television side, Comedy Central is a big contributor with “Stand Up” and “South Park” both in the Top 10. “CSI,” “Supernatural” and a host of other shows round out the offerings.

Microsoft’s partners in the download effort include such big-name players as WB, Paramount, NBC and Spike TV.

While this isn’t exactly “gaming news,” it is interesting to watch this service grow and round out. The downloads for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 make the consoles more well-rounded, useable and easier to financially justify. We’ve barely used a regular DVD player since the 360 and PS3 made their way into our home.

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