‘Confidential’ Kinect Beta Test Opens

Xbox 360 Kinect AvatarsEarlier this month, Microsoft opened applications for a limited beta test of the upcoming Kinect motion-sensitive device. Now it has emerged a selection of players have been emailed that they’ve been accepted.

Microsoft will push a system update to the lucky players who were accepted as part of the beta, and are mailing out the Kinect hardware to them.

Ludicrously though, Microsoft had hoped to keep all this secret and even warned the testers to not blog, talk to the media or post on the Xbox forums about the beta.

As you would expect, the story leaked (probably) within minutes and gaming blog Kotaku has thanked tipsters for forwarding them them the email from Microsoft.

REMINDER:The Xbox LIVE and Kinect beta program is confidential. Please don’t disclose, share, or discuss beta program materials, except as allowed in the Xbox LIVE and Kinect Beta Program Agreement.

Anonymous tipsters also provided Kotaku with a video of the Kinect boot up screen and pics of the new avatars, dashboard and menus.

Check them out here.

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