If Mount Olympus Made Graphics Cards


I’ve waited long and hard for a GTX 460 to break all the rules and give me a fan/heat sink combination that would survive a tank-blast at close-range. A GPU that would run at a maximum temperature of 30c idle from inside of Mount Vesuvius. Long have I yearned for military-like design so robust that it would survive a 1,000-foot drop onto solid concrete.

It seems the Gods have spoken, in the form of an MSI GTX 460 “Hawk”. This card uses military-grade components combined with a dual-fan setup for maximum cooling. MSI promises a card that not only runs 18c cooler than the competition but is also more than 8db quieter.

MSI GTX 460 Hawk

The “Hawk” edition comes with a core clock speed of 780Mhz but MSI claim you can easily reach the 1Ghz mark with their overclocking software. The 1Gb of GDDR5 Vram clocks in at 3600mhz and the shader speed runs at 1560Mhz, but once again MSI claims you can also bump that up to 2000Mhz.

This card was on Overclockers.co.uk earlier today but I can’t seem to find it anymore. They had a release date for the 10th of September, but browsing MSI’s website it seems to have mysteriously disappeared from there too. I can only assume they have had to push back the release date, or are having issues with some of the boards. I’m hoping it’s not the latter as I really like the look of this new design.

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