TopGun Firing onto PlayStation Network Tomorrow

Based on the 1980′s classic movie, the game hits Playstation network tomorrow for $14.99 download. On the official PS  blog, Ollie Barder from developer doublesix explained that the game is in an arcade style, so players can just enjoy air combat without having to worry about things like weapons overheating found in more complex flying games:

The reasoning behind this was to have the player focus on just enjoying air combat and keeping things simple while choosing either your guns or missiles. This means things like your health replenishes over time and your guns won’t ever overheat. You’ll have the freedom to fly through the blue sky and get to feel like a fighter ace.

To stay as close to the original classic movie as possible, doublesix drafted in the original scriptwriter for the movie, and the song Danger Zone is the official theme for the game, just like the movie.

Gameplay wise there are 6 different aircraft to choose from, 11 campaign maps a horde mode and 16 player online multiplayer (with 5 modes).

Check out the Playstation blog for the full rundown.