Nvidia 260 Beta Drivers Usher In Massive Performance Gains

260 Series

Nvidia just released beta variants of their upcoming 260 series of drivers. This release is primarily directed at owners of their recent mid-range 460 cards, in both SLI and single card configurations. But owners of any card in the 400 Series, be it the GTX 480, 470 or 465 are also promised a spike in frames-per-second.


One of the other selling points from Nvidia seems to be the ability to hook up your PC to your home-cinema 3D-TV and watch Blu Rays movies in 3D with surround sound. As anyone who has been following the release of the new Fermi range knows, these cards support the high-definition lossless audio formats of Blu Rays discs – DTS HD and Dolby TruHD to the tune of 24-bit multi-channel audio at up to 192 KHz. This audio specification is only supported in the GTX 460 as of today.

As you can see from the chart above, the numbers are pretty impressive even though the drivers are still in beta. Nvidia has promised WHQL certified drivers by mid-September. So it won’t be long until the final release of these drivers finds its way to the Nvidia driver download page. Until then though, if you’re comfortable using beta drivers (as I’m sure a lot of you are) head on over and download the drivers.

Let us know what you think. Did you see any performance gains? Any issues with the installation? Perhaps you’ve seen a drop in performance. What do you think of the new driver installation UI?

Let us and others know your experience by leaving a comment.

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