Intel drops price of i3 processor

Core i3 550 sees 15% price-drop

Intel have announced (via their monthly pricing list) an upcoming 15% price drop for the darling of the dual-core, their i3 range of processors – specifically the i3 550. Since most games from the past 5 years or so don’t see much (if any) benefit from a quad-core, let alone a hexa-core processor, this might suite a casual gamer on a budget. The 550 supports hyper-threading and has 2 cores (or 4 threads) with a clock speed of 3.2 GHz and 4 MB of Intel Smart Cache.

Lower-end dual-core chips will also be seeing a reduction in price. Intel’s E6700 will get a 13% price cut, with the E65700 getting 15% shaved off its price tag. The lower-end E3400 dual-core will have 21% off as well.

Here’s a break-down of the pricing:

i3 550: $117 down from $138 (15% off)

E6700: $75 down from $86 (13% off)

E5700: $64 down from $75 (15% off)

E3400: $42 down from $53 (21% off)

None of the major online retailers have adjusted their prices just yet. Amazon still has the i3 550 listed for $143. We’ll watch events unfold over the coming weeks and hopefully have more to tell you on the price-drop very soon.

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