Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Review

MS Arc Touch Mouse

Believe it or not, Microsoft has been creating hardware devices for over 25 years. They are no stranger to devices with both form and function. Very recently, Microsoft Hardware Division has created the new Arc Touch wireless mouse that falls in line with such products as the previously reviewed Arc Keyboard. Benchmark Reviews has been given the opportunity to check out Microsoft’s Arc Touch Wireless Mouse. With such features as a scroll-wheel replacing touch-strip, 2.4ghz wireless technology, and an ambidextrous design, this looks to be a very promising device. There are plenty of wireless mice out on the market already, does Microsoft have what it takes to be competitive in this saturated market? Read the full review of the Microsoft Arch Touch on Benchmark Reviews to find out.

Wireless mice are nothing new to the world, nor are they new to Microsoft. For as long as I can remember, Microsoft have been making wireless mice and trying to improve on functionality, performance, and design. With the Arc Touch, Microsoft strives to take good technology and make it look good. Some of my biggest pet peeves with wireless mice are battery life and range. Often you get a mouse with incredible battery life, but you can’t be more than 5 feet away from the receiver, or you get a mouse that will reach to the other side of your house, but find yourself replacing the batteries every two days. Microsoft has stated that this gets up to 6 months of battery life, and uses 2.4GHz wireless technology, so hopefully it will resolve both of those issues.

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