First impression of the Cataclysm changes: Orgrimmar

So I played around a bit in the new WoW yesterday, flew all around Kalimdor checking out the changes. I was glad to see some of my old favourite areas like Winterspring and Feralas were left untouched for the most part, because I was dismayed to see what Blizzard have done to Orgrimmar. It just looks like the horde base in Borean Tundra now, which I didn’t like at all.

WoW Cataclysm New Orgrimmar View

View of the new Orgrimmar from the front gate. Borean Tundra horde base version 2.0

The city looks brighter and tidier than the rough old Orgrimmar we’re all used to. In fact, I went to The Drag and it was positively bright and cheery compared to the gloomy sidestreet it used to be.

WoW Cataclysm The New Drag

The bright and tidy Drag in the new Orgrimmar.

I’m going to withhold my overall verdict on the changes until I’ve checked everything out properly but my first impressions of the new Orgrimmar were very disappointing, the new login screen leaves much to be desired and the removal of portals adds to a sense of annoyance.

Frizzo Villamar - Bilgewater Cartel Quartermaster In the meantime, I’ve picked up the new Bilgewater Cartel Tabard from the goblin beside the flightpath in Orgrimmar and am going to do a few dungeons this morning with it. Like the Lich King tabards, the tabard gives you rep for the new faction. There’s already a new achievement added to the game to gain more exalted reputations so this is a good way to while away the time before Cataclysm is released. There doesn’t appear to be any new quests added to the game yet (I might be wrong about that, haven’t had time to check out all the new zones yet).

New Gamon

All may be forgiven by the fact poor old Gamon has been updated and is now a level 85 elite not to be messed with

I’ll add more posts about Cataclysm as I check it all out and they’ll appear under this tag.

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