Windows 7 64-bit crippled by AVG update

AVG on damage control after update

If you’re a user of Windows 7 64-bit and AVG 2011, you probably can’t read this because your computer is buggered. An update released on the 1st of December caused the majority of 64-bit machines using AVG 2011 to fail while loading the OS. The company are on damage control and have a guide on how to get your Windows back up and running. It basically involves a USB stick or a rescue CD.

AVG are asking customers to first try and run Windows System Restore from within safe mode, and restore their machines to a time before the update was applied.

Or use AVG Rescue CD -> menu Utilities -> Midnight Commander -> navigate to /mnt/sda1/program files/ (or program files (x86)) and rename by F6 AVG folder to other name (for example AVG_old).

Windows 7 Startup Repair
Described at this Microsoft website – follow section “To open the System Recovery Options menu on your computer”

Then start your system again and re-install AVG.

Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences caused by this situation.

If you know someone who needs advice on this matter, head on over to the AVG forums where they are offering more solutions if you’ve tried everything else.

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