Crysis 2 in crisis

Crysis 2Crytek’s luck with Crysis 2 seems to be going from bad to worse. Put aside the fact that the PC game doesn’t support DirectX 11 upon release, and the screen-flickering issues with certain dual-card setups. Now it seems many players can’t even login to play the game.

A long thread has been started over on the Crysis 2 forums full of complaints from people who say their credentials are not being recognised by the ‘MyCrysis’ login screen.

EA announced a fix for a separate issue with regards to serial keys not being recognised, but it is unclear when a fix will be made available for the login problem. Some users have even resorted to changing their emails in order to play the highly anticipated Crytek sequel.

Here’s hoping Crytek and EA put these issues to bed, and we finally get a concrete release date for the DirectX 11 patch.

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