Firefox 4 RTW on March 22nd

Firefox 4Mozilla’s Damon Sicore has hinted at a possible release date for the final build of Firefox 4. In a short post over on the Mozilla Developer forums Sicore said there’s really no point in another release candidate, stating that right now there are no known issues with RC1.

If all goes well and no more bugs are uncovered Mozilla is happy to release RC1 as the final build on March 22nd.

Damon Sicore:

Firefox 4 RC1 has received a very warm welcome; it’s time to make a decision to ship.  As of now, there are no known issues that would stop us from shipping RC1 as final.  At the conclusion of our regular 11:30AM triage session on Wednesday, March 16th, release drivers will decide whether to ship RC1 as Firefox 4. March 22nd is the day we would ship.

Firefox 4 has had 12 betas and a whole host of bugs, 7,000 since the first beta was released 8 months back. Meanwhile Chrome is 2 stable releases ahead of Firefox, and IE9 went gold 3 days ago. Mozilla needs to get in gear or they will find themselves playing catch up.

Firefox 4 release candidate available here.

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