Internet Explorer 6 gets its marching orders from Microsoft


Microsoft wants you to stop using IE6

The 10-year old browser is showing its age and Microsoft is now actively encouraging webmasters to urge users to upgrade IE6 if they visit their site with the senior citizen of internet browsers.

The company has also started up a website simultaneously commemorating the 10-year anniversary of IE6 and encouraging its demise. Over on you can see an atlas of the World with constantly updated figures of IE6 usage.

But Microsoft isn’t stopping there, they are reaching out to users who know of anyone still browsing the internet with IE6 to show them the way, the truth and the light of a modern broswer. It’s kind of funny watching the company dish out abuse to their old software, sometimes sounding like a ‘don’t drink and drive’ ad campaign:

Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 6. And neither should acquaintances. Educate others about moving off of Internet Explorer 6.

Currently the unruly 10-year old has a shocking 12% market share. Microsoft desperately wants to get this number down to 1%, and they need your help. It’s like an MS-hater’s dream come true, they get to proselytise their anti-Microsoft verbiage with the company’s backing; the irony.

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