Play the Dragon Age Facebook game ahead of DA2 launch

Dragon Age LegendsBioWare are gearing up for the major launch of Dragon Age 2 on March the 8th and EA have made the availability of beta keys for the tie-in Facebook game a lot easier to come by.

To snag a key and start playing the game, head to Gamespot’s promo page here and register or sign in to claim a beta key. Then just sign into Dragon Age: Legends here with your EA account and enter the key to start playing. You can view detailed info about your exploits and manage aspects of the game from the EA site here as well.

I spent a pleasant half hour playing the tutorial and there’s a lot to to DA: Legends for a Facebook game. It follows a straight-forward turn-based combat system for battles but also includes recruiting members with different skills to your party, building a castle for your hero, crafting items like potions and so on to aid you in battle as well as an energy bar that ticks up every few minutes (you need energy to do battle).

Dragon Age Legends DA2 Unlocks

Unlockable DA2 items in Dragon Age: Legends

One of the main draws of playing the Facebook game is unlocking items in Dragon Age 2 when it’s released and currently there are 5 items listed in the game to unlock, namely two rings, a trophy belt, and two amulets. The information on how exactly to unlock the items is said to be coming soon. To view detailed info on the items inside DA: Legends, click the options icon in the top right of the screen and the DA2 Unlocks option appears in the sidebar.

Dragon Age 2 is set to launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on March the 8th. Check out the playable demo if you haven’t already, completing it also unlocks some items for the full game.

More info about Dragon Age : Legends can be found at the official Facebook page and Twitter profile. There’s also a fan-submitted question and answer article from the game producer here.

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