Nvidia rolls out WHQL-certified 270 drivers

At the end of March Nvidia released an early beta version of their v270 drivers for 6-series and above GeForce graphics cards; bringing with them massive performance gains to their 500 series of GPUs; also fixing the terrible performance in Dragon Age II. The company also added a new auto-update feature that alerts you via the taskbar when a new driver is available, with links to download.

The 270 family of GeForce drivers have been given the OK from Microsoft and are now available to download WHQL-certified (Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing). If you opted to download the beta drivers (270.51) back in March you should have already been notified of the new release, provided you had auto-update enabled.

Check out the above video in which Nvidia’s Tom Petersen goes through briefly what these new drivers bring to the table. You can read in detail about all the performance gains here.

Nvidia shakes up GeForce drivers with auto-update and more
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