Portal 2 scores big with critics, ordinary gamers not happy with short gamehours and DLC

Portal 2The gaming community has only had one day to digest the long awaited Portal 2 but already the game has scored a very impressive 95% on review aggregator Metacritic. The 95% score is based on professional reviews, however the user rating for the game based on opinions from ordinary Joe Bloggs gamer comes in at a slightly less stellar 73%.

MCV has a rather scathing opinion piece here, saying the bad user reviews are down to gripes with release day DLC, the Potato Sack promo before the game launched and most importantly the 4-6 hours it takes to complete the single player campaign. The writer essentially tells gamers to stop griping and appreciate the game as an all time great as he sees it.

There are so many things in this world that the public should rightly be up in arms about. Yet things like child poverty, racial prejudice, genocide and political corruption go unnoticed by most. Yet some of these same people will happily sit at their PC posting erroneous review scores for a game because the developer behind has had the bear-faced nerve to include an optional DLC store.

The mind boggles.

Here’s an example of a user review from Metacritic:

You can dismiss this as “trolling” or whatever you want (because somebody couldn’t POSSIBLY not like the game) but it was a huge let down for me. Feels like an incomplete game, only 4-6 hours of game play and it’s game play that is basically copy and pasted from Portal 1. Huge amount of day 1 DLC was kind of a slap in the face too.
User: Times11 Rating 3/10

A quick glance through the negative reviews does seem to focus a lot on the DLC and the game hours. I think people are entitled to gripe about this if they want to however. They are after all the user base and if they feel aggrieved then that’s their right, it’s an aspect of the game on launch day.

I haven’t picked up the game yet myself, I will probably wait a few weeks to see if the price goes down. What about you, have you played and what’s your verdict?

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