Windows 7 milestone, Microsoft wants you to ditch the “habit” of XP

Windows 7 on the rise; XP support is running out.Windows 7 is 18 months old today. Back in October 2009 Microsoft launched the follow-up to the luke-warm reception of Windows Vista.

Since that time Windows 7 has seen widespread adoption, sold more than 350 million licenses and just 2 months ago got its first service pack. This coupled with the arrival of Internet Explorer 9, it’s pretty clear the Windows 7 platform has been a success for Microsoft.

With all that in mind the company is taking this opportunity to give people and organizations advice on how to put XP in the recycle bin; the ageing OS still has over 46% of the worldwide market share. With only 1081 days left until XP’s support runs out, Microsoft wants everyone to ditch what they refer to as “the habit” of Windows XP. It may seem like an insensitive way to talk about one of their most successful operating systems, but given the fact that XP is nearly 10-years old it kind of makes sense.

If you’re leaning towards Windows 7, check out the Windows Team Blog’s 10 steps to point you in the right direction:

So how can Springboard help you to get off Windows XP and move to a modern OS? Here is 10 ways we can help?

  1. We dove deep into that topic during our most recent Virtual Roundtable, “Is XP Good Enough? Really?”. Check out the virtual roundtable to hear common issues and solutions around moving off XP.
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