Nvidia announce $99 3D Vision glasses

New 3D Vision Wired Glasses Only $993D gaming on the PC has quite a way to go before it reaches widespread adoption, but Nvidia hope to entice the budget conscious gamer in with new, cheaper 3D Vision glasses coming in June.

The company made the announcement over on the Nvidia blog. The new 3D glasses will be wired, connecting to the PC via USB 2.0. There’s not a whole lot of detail available about the specifics, only the focus on bringing a cheaper 3D experience for gamers on a budget.

Nvidia’s Andrew Fear:

There’s a brand new product coming to the 3D Vision lineup this June – 3D Vision wired glasses. These glasses will deliver the same great 3D Vision features and quality you have come to know and love, at a more affordable price of $99 US MSRP.

A bit more about the glasses: They connect via USB 2.0 to a PC or notebook, and work with all the existing 3D Vision content, displays and other devices.  A notch in the USB connector enables you to use a standard cable lock system too – like those from Kensington – to secure the glasses to a PC or table.  It’s a great feature for LAN parties and iCafé gaming centers.

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