Battlefield 3 gets a release date

The latest news from this year’s E3 is that Battlefield 3 will be hitting store shelves on October 25th of this year.Battlefield 3 coming October 25th

The 3rd instalment in the Battlefield series will be using a new gaming engine, Frostbite 2.0; which will have full support for DirectX 11 and 64-bit processors.

The game was 3 years in development and promises to be a true PC experience, with development set on taking advantage of modern 64-bit CPUs. It will also ship to PS3 and Xbox 360 simultaneously.

Dice is promising to “squeeze every bit” out of the ageing consoles to bring “a stunning looking game on the console”. But make no mistake about it, the PC version is going to be the Mothership as far as Dice and EA are concerned.

You can pre-order a retail copy for PC, Xbox and PS3 from Amazon.

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