Carmack planning RAGE sequel

Carmack wants to make RAGE sequelIn a short interview with PC Gamer id co-founder John Carmack enthusiastically hinted at a followup to RAGE.

RAGE is not due out until September 13th but it seems Carmack is already banking on its success. While discussing the various aspects of the post-apocalyptic shooter, Carmack spilled the beans about his plans for a sequel:

While we have corridor shooter maps in Rage, there’s much more to it. It has all of the driving and the exploration and the towns that come doesn’t detract from the shooting at all. It can still be an incredibly fast, guns blazing action shooter, but when you’re taking a break from that you can kit yourself out with extra stuff. All of the towns, driving and exploration have turned out to be very beneficial to the game. I’m very excited for where we’ll go with this in Rage 2.

RAGE is going to incorporate id’s brand new gaming engine id Tech 5, which was first demonstrated at WWDC 2007. id Tech 5 will also be powering the 4th iteration of Doom, which is yet to get a release date.

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