Crysis 2 patch 1.8 goes live, still no DX11 support

Crysis 2Many PC fans were a bit bummed with the lack of graphics options and customization with the release of Crysis 2 back in March.

The graphics options in the game made it appear like a balls to bone console port. Crytek now want to give PC users the ability to customize graphics options beyond the presets, with the inclusion of ‘advanced graphics options’. There are also quite a few bug fixes and other features included in patch 1.8.

• Added advanced graphics options
• Added F1 to vote during vote kicks
• Prematch mode for ranked servers added allowing people to fight on the map until sufficient players have joined for the ranked play to start
• Upped the default score limits in some game modes:
• – Crash Site has a limit of 175 (was 150)
• – Team Instant Action has a limit of 75 (was 50)
• – Instant Action has a limit of 30 (was 25)

One very notable absentee is support for DirtectX 11. This will unfortunately have to wait for a future patch I’m afraid; consarnit. For a full list of changes, head on over to MyCrysis.

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