Hacker group targets Codemasters, steals thousands of personal details

Hackers target Codemasters site, steal thousands of personal detailsIn what appears to be a spate of hack attacks in recent months, the latest victim was Codemasters.

Hackers managed to break into the UK games developer’s website, compromising the the personal details of tens of thousands of customers.

Fortunately no financial records were kept on the site, mostly emails, phone numbers, dates of birth and home addresses; still enough for Codemasters to call it a “significant” theft.

It all happened on the 3rd of June. As soon as Codemasters were wise to what was going on they pulled the plug and took their site offline, but it was by then too late.

No entity has since taken responsibility for the attack and Codemasters are at a loss as to why they were targeted. The company has sent out emails to its customers warning them to change passwords on any other websites where they might use the same password, and to be vigilant of potential email scams that might result from the personal details lost in the attack.

“Furthermore, be extra cautious of potential scams, via email, phone, or post that ask you for personal or sensitive information.”

Codemaster.com will be offline for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile users visiting the site are redirected to the company’s Facebook page for the time being.

If you’re worried about your personal information head on over to Codemaster’s forums for more info and advice.