No personal data lost in Lulz Nintendo hack

No personal data lost in Lulz Nintendo hackNintendo recently saw one of its affilliate’s servers in the US hacked by the same crew responsible for the massive breach over at Sony.

The company were quick to make clear that no personal data was lost in the breach, carried out by hacking team Lulz Security.

“There were no third-party victims,” company spokesman Ken Toyoda said.

Attacks like this seem to be on the rise, with hackers attacking corporations for one or another greivance. Earlier this year Sony’s PlayStation network was breached and the personal and financial details of over 70 million users was compromised. Luckily for Nintendo they had no personal data stored on the server that was attacked. But they said there was definite malicious intent on the part of the hackers.

The protection of our customer information is our utmost priority …therefore, we constantly monitor our security,” said Tomokazu Nakaura of Nintendo Japan.

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