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3DMark Vantage updated, Basic Edition now free

FuturemarkFuturemark has updated their popular if slightly outdated benchmarking suite, 3DMark Vantage. The DX10-based Vantage has been widely used since its release back in April of 2008. Now the company has given the program a few updates. But most importantly they have made the Basic Edition free to download without any limitations on benchmark runs.

Previously the Basic Edition would set you back $7 but with the release of the much more relevant 3DMark 11, you can now snag Vantage for free. If you’ve already purchased the Basic Edition Futuremark allows an upgrade to the Advanced Edition for a mere $5.

So what has been updated in 3DMark Vantage? Version 1.1.0 adds display scaling to all its presets, designed to allow better compatability with higher resolution monitors. The SystemInfo tool has been updated to version 4.0 and GPU physics acceleration is now disabled during CPU tests.

Head on over to Futuremark if you care to try it out.

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3DMark 11 coming November 30th

Futurmark have announced (via a press release) the official launch date for the next iteration of their popular PC benchmarking suite. 3DMark Vantage is still widely used by hardware reviewers and benchmarking enthusiasts, but its lack of support for Directx 11 is leaving it a little aged in the current climate of gaming rigs. 3DMark 11 will be released in 8 days time on November 30th, and will be the new basis for measuring dx 11 gaming performance of PCs.

The free edition, which features the “Performance PC benchmark preset” will be available for download, but if you have $19.99 of disposable cash you can snag the advanced edition. Below is a quick comparison of both editions:

3DMARK 11 BASIC EDITION – Free, available from November 30

  • Performance PC benchmark preset
  • Audio visual demo, fixed at 720p
  • Browse, search and compare results online
  • Store one result online

  • Entry level PC benchmark preset
  • Performance PC benchmark preset
  • Extreme PC benchmark preset
  • Custom benchmark settings
  • Audio visual demo, custom resolutions
  • Benchmark looping for stability testing
  • Browse, search and compare results online
  • Unlimited online results storage
  • Hide results from public view
  • Offline result management
  • Advert-free online service
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    3DMark Vantage, world record broken. Who cares?


    According to the Asus Republic of Gamers Facebook page, a new world record has been set in Futuremark’s popular benchmarking suite. All it took for their PC to achieve this score was a few canisters of liquid nitrogen, 4 x Nvidia GTX 580 graphics cards, enough cabling to give even Steven Hawking a headache and lots of time. The result? A whopping 71,167 marks.

    But with well over $2,000 spent on the graphics hardware alone, I can’t help but think the money might have been put to better use in Vegas, on Blackjack and strip-joints. But hey, I’m not here to judge.

    Of course the question on everyone’s mind is, will it play Crysis on enthusiast settings ? :P

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