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Michael J. Fox is Back (to the Future)

Michael J. Fox allowed his likeness to be used for TellTale Games’ Back to the Future series, and AJ LoCascio did a great job of capturing the spirit of Marty McFly. But now according to the developer’s website Fox is going to make a return for the final episode in the series titled ‘OUTATIME!’. Michael won’t be playing the role of Marty McFly since this is already taken, rather he will be making a cameo as an (as of yet) unannounced character.

You can purchase all 5 episodes now for only $19.99 until June 23rd. Check out the embedded teaser trailer above.

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Back to the Future episode 4 available now

Back to the Future Episode 4 now available.Telltale Games today announced the immediate availability of Double Visions, the fourth episode in their Back to the Future series.

The episode is ready for download on PC and Mac, but there is still no release date for the PS3 which is still on episode 2.

Meanwhile Telltale Games have signed a publishing deal with Microsoft that will see their games appearing on the Xbox 360 this Autumn.

Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors:

We are pleased to expand the size of our potential audience by encompassing the Xbox 360 console consumer and bring our vision of video gaming to them.

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Back to the Future ep. 1 free to download

Back to the Future ep. 1 free to download

Great Scott! The folks over at Telltale Games have now made the first episode of the Back to the Future game series free to download for everyone.

After trying out the first episode you can order the remaining 4 for $22.49. All you need to do is register for a Telltale account, that’s it.

From the press release:

We know it’s April Fool’s Day and all, but this is for real. We’ve made the first episode of the continued adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, Back to the Future: The Game – Episode 1: It’s About Time, totally free for all in a proverbial well…free-for-all!

The PC and Mac adventure game is based on the hit Robert Zemeckis trilogy. Bob Gale, the original screenwriter was brought on board for the story and Christopher Loyd (aka Doc Brown) lends his voice as the whacky professor.

Although Michael J. Fox’s real voice isn’t in the game, he did give permission to use his likeness and the developers managed to track down AJ Locascio; a life-long Back to the Future fan who sounds a hell of a lot like Fox.

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Great Scott! Back to the Future Game On the Way

Back to the Future

With the impending release of Robert Zemeckis’s classic sci-fi adventure trilogy, Back to the Future on Blu Ray, gaming fans will be pleased to hear of an upcoming game based on the films.

The game is being developed by Telltale Games and is to use the likeness of Michael J.Fox and Christopher Lloyd, better known as Marty McFly and Doc. Emmett Brown. Lloyd will be lending his instantly recognizable vocals to give the game an authentic shine. The screenplay writer for all three films, Bob Gale is working closely with Telltale on plot which is to be split into 5 episodes.

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