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Chrome 12 ‘safer and snazzier’ out now

Chrome 12 releasedGoogle announced yesterday a new stable version of their Chrome browser, which netted bug finders nearly $10,000 according to the company’s statistics.

Chrome version 12 dubbed ‘safer and snazzier’ by the developers brings improvements in security, graphics and privacy.

First up they have enhanced the ‘Safe Browsing’ technology within Chrome to alert users to more potentially harmful files they try to download. You can also delete Flash cookies from within the browser.

There are improvements in the graphics department too including support for hardware-accelerated 3D CSS, giving you the potential for tripped out 3D effects on certain web pages.

Chrome should update automatically. If not simply click on the spanner and go to ‘About Google Chrome’; or just download the latest stable build here.

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Chrome 11 goes stable, adds speech input through HTML

Chrome adds speech input in version 11.The stable build of Google’s increasingly popular Chrome browser is now at version 11.0.696.57. The update contains quite a number of security fixes and a few new features; including speech input through HTML.

Speech input through HTML lets you use Google Translate in conjunction with Chrome to translate what you say through your microphone into another language. You will need to speak slowly and as clearly as possible in order to get a proper recognition of your voice, but it seems to work well.

Google shelled out $16,500 to users who found bugs in the beta; a detailed list of which can he found here.

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Google updates Chrome with Flash Player fix

New Chrome logo (only available in latest beta).The latest Flash Player exploit which uses a Flash (.swf) file embedded in a Microsoft Word (.doc) file has finally been plugged by Adobe.

Google have updated their Chrome browser with the relevant fix which plugs the critical hole in Adobe’s Flash Player software.

The latest build of Chrome is 10.0.648.205. You can find out if you have the latest version by clicking on the spanner in the upper-right then find ‘About Google Chrome’. This small update also fixes a few other issues listed here.

The Chrome Stable channel has been updated to 10.0.648.205 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame.  This release contains a new version of Adobe Flash which includes a fix for a security vulnerability.

Using IE? You can manually download the Flash update here.
Firefox users grab it from this page.

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Google plugs Flash Player vulnerability in Chrome

Chrome is no longer affected by the Flash exploitIf you’re using Google’s Chrome browser and keeping it up to date you need not worry about the recent exploit in Adobe’s Flash Player software. Because Flash comes bundled with the Chrome browser Google were able to apply a fix faster than other browsers.

The exploit which has been exposed to hackers online could potentially pass your system to the controls of a remote user. If you run Firefox or Internet Explorer you want to download Flash Player version You can find out which version you have installed from Adobe’s website.

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Firefox 4 beta 12 delayed, March looking likely for final release

Firefox 4 beta 12 delayed

It doesn’t seem to be going very well for Mozilla lately. The last beta of their upcoming Firefox 4 browser appears to have more problems than previously anticipated by the team. Manager of Firefox releases Christian Legnitto said it’s looking unlikely that the final build will be out this month.

One of the five bugs is rated “critical,” while another is ranked “major” and three are labeled “normal.” Two of the remaining flaws are in Firefox’s hardware acceleration code, which shifts some of the browser page rendering and composition chores from the CPU to the graphics processor.

Mozilla fans expected the browser to be ready last November but it was delayed and a release in early 2011 was promised, but it appears Mozilla users will have to wait a little longer as the team deals with the “major” and “critical” bugs. In fact it was hinted that there may even be a beta 13 depending on how the next build fares.

Meanwhile Google is riding high with the release of their stable version 9 of Chrome 11 days ago, and the news that the browser has hit a 10% share milestone. With IE9 set for a March release Mozilla really needs to get in gear to keep up with the competition.

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