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Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Fallout New Vegas and more on offer @ Amazon

Halo: Reach

Amazon have an all-encompassing offer on top games until this Saturday. If you buy any two top titles you make an on the spot saving of $10 and also get a $30 credit towards a new game. This offer is seriously tempting if you’re eyeing some savings for Christmas or are just out to buy a few games for yourself.

Check out the offer here. It applies to an impressive list of 124 top games, too many to list here. Included however are Halo:Reach, Fable 3, Fallout New Vegas, NBA2K11, Castlevania Lords of Shadow, Medal of Honor, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

Halo Reach – Legendary Edition

Halo: Reach makes $8,333,333 an hour on first day

Microsoft have hailed the 14th September launch of Halo: Reach as ‘the biggest US entertainment launch of 2010′, raking in $200 million in the USA and Europe in 24 hours, or $8,333,333 an hour.

The game surpassed Halo 3′s first day sales by 30 million, but the current record holder remains Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for earning $310 million in 24 hours in 2009.

Since Halo: Reach’s release, it has garnered full 10 out of 10 reviews from at least 14 major games publications and an overall rating of 92% on Metacritic.

Halo: Reach is to be Bungie’s departure from the Halo franchise. They have entered a 10-year alliance with Activision to develop a new IP through 2020.

As for the Halo franchise, Microsoft control the IP and plan to expand the brand into comics, anime, books, and other forms of media.

Halo Reach – Legendary Edition

$20 Coupon and exclusive ingame helmet with Halo: Reach preorders

Halo: Reach Spartan Recon helmet variant

There is still time to preorder Halo:Reach ahead of its 14th of September release, and you can snag $20 off a future game purchase if you preorder on Amazon.

Also included is an exclusive in-game Spartan Recon helmet variant, pictured above.
Simply preorder the game and the $20 coupon will be placed into your Amazon account within 2 business days of the game shipping to you.

Check it out here

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Halo: Reach developer chat

Halo Reach Developer Chat Live Now


The chat has finished now, but I’ve posted up a partial transcript below. This is by no means complete, but a full transcript is promised to be on the Bestbuy forums later in the week.

The developers of Halo: Reach are doing a live online chat on Bestbuy’s forum right now.

Check it out here. Java required.

The game is set to be released on 14th of September.

Preorder your copy now.

Transcript follows:

Continue reading

Gaming Stu on this week’s gaming news

Gaming StuEvery week we pose a few questions from the week’s gaming news to Gaming Stu, Ireland’s hardman of iRacing.

This week, Stu has been staying up til 7AM every night playing
iRacing, getting aggravated by noobs who don’t play by the rules.

His eyes are bloodshot and he’s pretty angry, so I hand him a page
with my written questions, make my excuses and leave.

A few days later the answers arrive by mail. Here they are:

Stu, Sony has released the legal hounds on the makers of the PS
Jailbreak mod that allows people to play pirated discs on the PS3.
Meanwhile, the modders are basically saying ‘we didn’t do nothin’. Who
will win, the faceless multinational corporation or the crafty

Something tells me the faceless multinational will win, they usually
do. Also a lot of players won’t want to risk getting banned.

Stu, last week we heard the news that Halo: Reach had leaked to the
internet, and this week unboxing vids popped on YouTube. This kind of
thing seems to happen whenever a new Halo is released. Are Microsoft
just boneheaded when it comes to security or is it really an elaborate
publicity machine, too huge for our puny brains to contemplate?

I really can’t see Microsoft being that lacksadaisical when it comes
to security, either way that game will be huge. Never liked the Halo
series personally but by God the great unhosed seem to.

Stu, the PS3 has sold 38 million units since 2006 but the PS2 sold 146
million units between 1999 and today. Can PS3 catch up by 2016?

I’ve been fairly impressed by what I’ve seen of the PS3 and it still
hasn’t fully realised its potential. I think it can easily sell more
than the PS2, but that doesn’t mean it will. The new Playstation Move
may help it along though.

Stu, a bona-fide college course called 21st Century Skills in
Starcraft is open now in the University of Florida. Discuss.

Seems like a good idea. Applying your game skill to real world jobs
could be incredibly effective. It’s a very detailed game, probably a
lot harder and more complicated than most jobs.

Gaming Stu's Igniq sponsored iRacing Car

Gaming Stu in his Igniq-sponsored iRacing car

Stu, a new console called the eBox is coming out next year in China.
Meanwhile, the Xbox hasn’t even been RELEASED there yet. What gives.
Why can’t I go and play Gears of War at the Great Wall if I want to?

I reckon the Chinese would prefer a home built console to be sold as
opposed to an American one. They call it red tape but I think it’s
more than that. Microsoft shouldn’t be too worried though as the eBox
is aimed at the family market like the Wii. Hardcore gamers might not
find anything of interest to play on it, but I’d still like to see
what it does.

Stu, my colleague on Igniq Gary is currently making the ultimate
gaming rig to end all gaming rigs. What advice can you give him as he
builds this monster?

Any advice I could give would be redundant. I’ve read the specs and by
George it’s a monster. I want it now… now!!

Gaming Stu on:  Molyneux, Lineage II addiction and new fangled PSPs

Gaming Links Round Up

Geordi La ForgeGames links round up for this Sunday eve:

Microsoft Spring Into Action After Silly Halo: Reach Leak

Halo: Reach

The software giant has issued a statement promising an ‘aggressive investigation’ of the leak, meanwhile Bungie have asked for spoilers to not be posted online before the game’s September 14 release.

It was reported on Friday that Microsoft had rather foolishly made the game available for download from their servers for pre-release media reviews.

The game was only accessible to download if you had a code, which was distributed to select media outlets. As you’d expect, crackers managed to bypass this and snagged the game early.

It doesn’t appear that the game has leaked massively onto the internet yet, judging by a cursory bit torrent search, but the plot lines and spoilers have made the rounds and moderators from Bungie’s forums have said they will come down hard on spoilers posted on their site:

Posting to discuss, request, or link to information or campaign spoilers from illegitimately obtained sources – including illegitimately obtained copies of Halo: Reach – before the game is officially released will be considered a leak and will be treated as such.

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