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Happy Birthday L4D2

Early Spitter concept

It’s hard to believe but yesterday saw the 1st anniversary for the release of Valve’s Left4Dead 2. The makers of the classic multiplayer Zombie shooter have been celebrating over the on the official blog, with pics of some early concept art. We are also promised “new stuff coming Friday..”.

If you haven’t yet played Left4Dead 1 or 2, you really owe it to yourself to see this work of art. If you like a good scare, and having some of the most fun there is to have online, it’s the best 20 bucks you ever spent.

Official Left4Dead 2 blog

Left4Dead Quadruple Charger Kill

It could be a fake, but in this video posted by You-tuber DaCakeIsASpy, the entire crew of Left4Dead are thrown from a skyscraper all at once from one Charger. It’s a bit hard to spot the charger, leaving me a little skeptical. It’s pretty funny nonetheless.

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