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Activision CEO casts doubt on console versions of Battlefield 3

In a short E3 interview Activision CEO Bobby Kotick cast doubt on the upcoming console version of Battlefield 3; saying  he’s not entirely confident the game will perform as well as the developers say.

So far I’ve only seen Battlefield 3 on a PC, I haven’t seen it on a console where the bulk of our business is,‘ Kotick told CNBC reporter.

If it’s just a PC title, as it looks like today, that’s just a small audience to participate,‘ he added.

Battlefield 3 was given an official release date of October 25th, 2 days ago at E3. The game will be released simultaneously on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and although the main focus is on taking advantage of modern PC hardware, developer Dice are still promising a stunning looking game on the consoles.

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Valve knocks 50% off Modern Warfare series

Valve slashes 50% Modern Warfare series

This week’s Midweek Madness on Steam sees Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Modern Warfare 2 and all DLCs dropped in price by 50%.

Offer is good until Thursday at 4pm PST.

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Fan-made Modern Warfare themed trailer will blow your socks off

This stunning video titled ‘Find Makarov’ is a fan-made Modern Warfare themed trailer, using some in-game and real-life footage. Watching this clip you’d swear it was taken from a big-budget Hollywood film.

Although Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is not due out until Novemeber, this video certainly gets the blood going and will serve as great publicity for the next instalment of the popular shooter. If Activision don’t get in touch with the makers of this video, they aren’t doing their job.

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Modern Warfare? Check! Diaper? Check! Wait what?!

Adult Reusable Cotton/Poly Snap Diaper

Don’t you just hate it when you’re playing Modern Warfare or some other online shooter, and are on a killing streak when nature calls? If you’re like most people you’ll hold on as long as you can then answer the call by going to the bathroom. It seems like a simple enough concept that most children over the age of 5 seem to grasp well.

For some online “adult” gamers however, there is actually another solution at hand that has evaded the rest of us. One of the most frequently bought items on Amazon with CoD Modern Warfare is an adult-sized diaper. I kid you not people. Here are some customer reviews of the Adult Reusable Cotton/Poly Snap Diaper:

This thing is amazing! bought it with a copy of COD and got a great deal. Arrived very quick and was easy to fit. Now the call of nature doesn’t interrupt the call of duty. No longer will i have to decide between a kill streak or a brown streak.

I buy this same product at a local outlet, Let me tell you, this is not only good for COD4, it’s also great for WOW, Halo,Starcraft or any other game you happen to be heavily invested in. I recommend getting these in multiples so you can just slip out of them and into some fresh ones when they start to get a little full.

Apparently a good kill-to-death ratio is much more important than basic human dignity. I sincerely hope these people live alone, and don’t thrust the charming odor of human feces onto an unfortunate roommate or family member.

Adult Reusable Cotton/Poly Snap Diaper on Amazon