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3DS update adds internet browser plus free game

Excitebike 3D free for a limited timeThe first update for Nintendo’s 3Ds console will be free of charge and available to 3DS owners on June 6th (North America),  the company announced today via a press release.

The update will mark the grand opening of the 3DS online store ( or eshop) for purchasing and downloading games and other content. There will alse be the inclusion of an internet browser.

To kick off the update with a homerun, Nintendo are offering a free classic NES game remastered in 3D. Excitebike 3D will be free to download until July 7th.

In other news, the 3DS’s little brother will be getting a nice price drop on June 5th, bringing the DS Lite down to a tempting $99 retail.

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Microwaving a Nintendo 3DS

Some people have too much time on their hands, and more money than sense.

Introducing Kenny Irwin, a man who puts electronics goods into microwave ovens to see what happens. Irwin’s most recent homicide victim is a shiny new Nintendo 3Ds.

This kind of stupidity should fall inside the ambit of law.

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3DS smashes pre-order records on Amazon.co.uk

Nintendo's 3DS is Amazon.co.uk's most pre-ordered console of all time.If you’re worried about Nintendo 3DS shortages that fear might be warranted. According to figures released by Amazon.co.uk the upcoming hand-held from Nintendo has set a new pre-order record, previously held by the PlayStation 3. The 3DS has 20% more pre-orders than the PS3 did on launch, and 56% more than the Wii amassed back in 2006.

Amazon’s director of video games Chris Poad:

It’s unusual for a handheld console to attract this amount of excitement in the run up to launch, such high levels of interest are normally reserved for the play-at-home hardware like the ground-breaking Nintendo Wii and last year’s Microsoft Kinect..

Nintendo’s 3DS is due for release on March 25th (EU) and 27th (NA). Amazon are currently taking pre-orders for an attractive £187.


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Nintendo: 85% of UK will see 3DS ads

Nintendo 3DS in Blue

Nintendo are confident in their marketing campaign for the upcoming 3Ds, claiming that 85% of UK residents will have seen an ad for the hand-held gaming device at least 3 times in the run up to its 25th of March launch date. This bold claim comes from Dawn Paine, the UK marketing director.

Nintendo are also hoping that people who see the ads will be teased by the fact that you can’t actually get a glimpse of the in-game footage in 2D, whetting their appetite to see more.

There’s always a question about how you execute a 3D product in 2D. That’s where the consumer reactions come into play. It’s not about the intricacies of the technology. The fact you can’t see it on screen will tease and push people to trying it for themselves.

The 3DS was released in Japan last month, with a European and US release planned for the 25th and 27th of March. Amazon are taking pre-orders ($249.99).

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Nintendo 3DS games won’t break the bank, says Nintendo President

Nintendo 3DS in Blue

A few days back Nintendo announced the release date for their upcoming 3D hand-held console. The Nintendo 3Ds will see the light of day in Japan on February 26th of next year, with the rest of the world having to wait until March. But good news coming from the horse’s mouth – Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has confirmed the 3DS games won’t be priced much higher than the current DS games.

Satoru said Nintendo cannot expect people in the current economic climate to have the kind of disposable income for high-priced games. So the pricing for 3DS games will be extremely competitive. Nintendo DS games currently retail on Amazon.com in between $25 and $30.

We don’t believe that the world is in a state where high priced software will sell well, so we don’t believe it will be in a price range too far off from current DS software.

Via cubed3.

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