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Taliban goes all 21st century, uses Twitter

iPhoneWhen they’re not forcing women into cloth-bags or publicly flogging the fairer sex, the Taliban are more than a little keen on technology.

Despite their previous rejection of such technological marvels as the television or PC, the Islamist militia are beginning to warm to internet-based social networks.

@alemarahweb on Twitter has been broadcasting tweets in Pashto, the native Taliban tongue; mostly glorifying the deaths of American and British forces fighting in the Afghan region, and linking back to the The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan website. One tweet from yesterday writes:

Mujahideen from Khak-e-Safid district say that at least 6 puppet police were killed and 3 others wounded late yesterday afternoon in an ambush in Diwali Surkh area. A Mujahid was also injured in the 1 hour firefight.

At the time of writing this the account has 3,147 followers.

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