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Portal-style TF2 map surfaces

TF2/Portal map

A modder by the name of Eugenio “Motanum” Roman has created a new map for Team Fortress 2. ‘Koth Aperture Science’ is based around Portal and the setting is the Aperture Science Labs familiar to any players of Valve’s classic puzzle-platformer of 2007.

The object of the game for the Red team is to defend GLaDOS’s room for 3 minutes, while the Blue team spawns outside in a helicopter with the objective of taking it over. ‘Koth Aperture Science’ took 3 months to complete and is now available on TF2 maps as a 34mb download.

From the modder:

Koth Aperture Science is the milestone the work of 3 months with the knowledge of 2 years in hammer! I believe it is the Good bye our precious Portal 1 deserve, a game to remember, in TF2.
In koth Aperture Science Red and Blu will fight for the Hand Held Portal Gun Technology. I know, it is too early to be canon for either TF2 or Portal (Even Half-Life) but I thought it was a neat cross over.
I’ve seen many people jump into making Portal 2 style maps, but as I mentioned, this map is a result of portal 2 hype, but nonetheless, an appreciation for Portal. Thus, this is my best work so far. I was very picky and I think I did a fair job, with many feature to celebrate the power of TF2 and the beauty of Portal.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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New Team Fortress 2 Community Map Pack

Team Fortress 2 Community Map Pack

Over on the Team Fortress blog, news comes of a brand new community map pack. The new addition to the latest TF2 updates features 3 new community made maps. The map pack will be downloaded the next time you launch your Steam client.


First up is PLR_Nightfall, a payload race map created by Aaron ‘Psy’ Garcha and Paul Good.

Nine out of ten mercenaries will tell you: If you’re looking for a place to see who can push bombs into a shallow pit the fastest, there’s no better location than a damp logging site, in the middle of the rain, in the middle of a forest, in the middle of the night. Nine out of ten mercenaries are idiots, though, so you might not want to put much stock in it.

Next up is PL_Frontier by: Patrick ‘MangyCarface’ Mulholland and Arhurt.

Meet “Li’l Chew Chew”–a razor-toothed BLU payload designed to messily devour any merc dumb enough to blunder in front of its path through this single-stage payload map. Eat your way past RED’s defenses astride a gleaming metal death machine, powered by the blood of your enemies, and also gasoline (mostly gasoline, to be honest).


And lastely we have Koth_Lakeside, a King of the Hill Map by: Valentin ’3DNJ’ Levillain.

In 2630 BC, the ancient Egyptians hauled up massive amounts of stone from this dig site for their pyramid-shaped tombs. Now, millennia later, honor their effort by filling those tombs to brimming with bullet-riddled, shrapnel-filled corpses in this fast-paced King of the Hill map.

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